About Sapphire Designs

  Before I was Sapphire Designs, I started off designing as 3 Little Owls Cover Design & Formatting, the 3 symbolising my 3 children that I had then – Alfie, Jack & Lily. 


I had worked with a lot of authors during that time period under the 3 Little Owls brand, my motto has always strongly been that every author deserves to have the best book cover without breaking the bank. It always saddens me when I see writers who have spent so long, sometimes even years writing their manuscripts and then they go and put on a less than par cover on it.  

I started off playing around with Photoshop almost 12 years ago now when I was around 15. (It was actually my Husband who was my boyfriend back then that got me in to using Photoshop and designing) 

During late 2015 when I was pregnant with my 4th Child Daisy, I decided to take a break from designing as I could no longer fit under my desk with my huge baby bump! Sadly in January 2016 when Daisy was 3 weeks old I lost my father. His death completely blindsided me and I withdrew myself from the designing community and I started to see the world differently. Over the next few months I kept experiencing panic attacks when I was at home and I only felt at peace when we were visiting my husband’s family in Birmingham. So eventually we made the decision to move over 100 miles from my hometown of Stevenage to live in Birmingham to be closer to his family, seeing as I had no family or friends there,  I felt like I had nothing left to gain in Stevenage we decided it would be best for our children to move to be closer to my husband’s family so that our children wouldn’t miss out on that extra family unit.  

Three months later I strongly believe that I was getting messages from my now late father and I know this may sound totally crazy to a non-believer but I honestly believe that he was sending me signs, messages and thoughts that I just couldn’t shake from my head. 

Growing up my father had his own company Sapphire Windows and on the 9th December 2016 of what would have been his 54th Birthday I felt like I had finally understood what it felt like he was trying to say to me and I reopened the door in to the designing community and...

 Sapphire Designs was born!